X-ray counting machine-XC1000

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XC1000 is a full-automatic micro-focus X-raycounting machine.It uses X-Ray flouroscopyprinciple and independently developed algorithmsoftware with Al function,which can quickly andaccurately calculate the number of materials inthe material reel. lt also has MES Data uploadand automatic printing of material labels, whichcan achieve the function of improving workefficiency and saving manpower.


  • Compared with traditional counting/pointing machine, there is noneed to unpack or transfer the reel.
  • Suitable for all types of chip components,SMD componentsabove 01005.
  • Accuracy of counting reaches more than 99.99%., it can realizeautomatic counting.
  • Countable reel diameter is 7-15 inches.
    Innovative detection environment and algorithm with Al function.
  • Designed with reference to human mechanics, seated operationthe monitor is at the same height as the human eye, protects thecervical spine,is not easy to fatigue,occupies a small space,and can be usedin any position.
  • The platform automaticallv enters and exits.
  • which is convenientfor material taking, automatic platform grating induction, torquecontrol, anti-pinch hand.
  • An error-proof mechanism for material labels,full inductionrecoonition of matera reelsreatme docking with printers.ancprinting of material information immediately if the reel is taken away.
  • Connect with MES/ERPWMS and other svstem data,real-timedata interactive, timely upload and update of material information.
  • Real-time database storage and MES data upload.
  • Can recognize 1D or 2D codes.
  • Four groups of cameras realize automatic scanning function (optional).
  • The equipment automatically recognizes single or four-reelmaterial.

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