Company porfile

Shenzhen Futianrui Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2010. We started with a single Yamaha SMT Machine Parts, which has been recognized by customers, and gradually expanded to today’s one-stop service capacity of SMT machinery and equipment. Our business scope covers: the whole machine sales of SMT Mounter (products include SMT machine, reflux furnace, steel screen printing machine, cleaning machine, etc.) and the supply of SMT Machine Parts  (SMT suction nozzle, SMT Feida, SMT solenoid valve, SMT filter cotton, etc.). We also provide equipment supply and installation services for the whole SMT production line of PCB manufacturing factory. Our business philosophy is to actively integrate into the industrial chain, Creating value for customers is our value.

Our main SMT brands include Yamaha, Samsung, Fuji, JUKI, Panasonic, Hanhua, i-plus, etc. with complete varieties, quality assurance and affordable prices, customers are welcome to inquire.

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