FAQ about purchasing parts

Is your product new or secondhand?

The products provided on our website are basically new products. If they are non-new products, there will be special instructions.

Is your product original?

Yes, our products are original products of brand factories. If they are non original products, there will be special instructions.

How to guarantee the product quality?

The quality of our products is qualified and has passed the factory verification. You can rest assured to buy them.
In the warranty period, non-human reasons and operating errors of quality problems, free technical support and part replacement is available, even refund.

How to buy accessories?

You can choose to purchase online (purchase process: Select product - add to shopping cart - click shopping cart - settle - fill in information - select payment method - confirm OK), or you can choose to purchase after offline communication with sales.

What’s the packing?

Spare parts: Carton+ bubble cotton;
Equipment: Wooden case + vacuum sealed.

What is the return policy

Non product quality problems, once sold, will not be returned.
Please send email or online form to consult customer service before purchase to confirm that you are buying.

What logistics do you use?

We usually use the express of international logistics companies, such as DHL, FedEx, ups and TNT.

Generally, the goods can be received within 6-10 days.

Please excuse me for the reason of COVID-19 and the delayed delivery date.

Your website doesn't seem to have the product I want.

Maybe it hasn't been uploaded to the website yet, You can contact our salesperson to tell your needs, and we will try our best to meet your needs.


FAQ about purchasing machines

How to choose the right pick and place machine?

1. Tell us your products, we will propose the brand to better fit for the production. For example, FUJI NXT is the best solution for Smartphone assembly and if you need to handle the big size PCB, then Panasonic NPM-W is the best choice.

2. Advise your target production capacity, normally we will call it CPH. PCB to be assembly per day and components per PCB are the key facts to decide the CPH. Each brand features different mounting speed, like FUJI, Siemens, Panasonic, Hitachi, these are made for high speed, while Yamaha, JUKI, Samsung mounters ranked as medium speed.

3. Your chip mounters are a key factor to decide the Flexible mounter which handles the BGA, QFP, and QFN components. Flexible mounter is not Must equipment in the production line, your production type and volume decide whether you need one or not, for example for the prototype we usually use one chip mounter alone (Most of the chip mounter can handle both small and big components at the same time but sacrificing speed).

How to choose the best screen printer and reflow oven?

We believe that which best fits us is the best choice. Our products, budget, factory layout…are elements to decide the choice. We already selected famous names like Vitronics, Heller, BTU which been widely used around the world, so your choice is simply your preference. Also, the same story for screen printer, you can find DEK, MPM, EKRA here.

What are the completed procedures of the machine purchase?

1. Talk to our sales engineer to pick out the right machine
2. We settle the right price.
3. You will receive our invoice for the selected M/C
4. We will pack and dispatching the M/C after payments
5. We will offer technical and parts support within the warranty, and even after the warranty, our sales engineer still offers consultancy.

How to buy?and How to make payment?

If you purchase directly online, you can choose the payment method of the store on the website(Please refer to the purchase instructions for the website purchase process). If you pay offline, you can use the following methods:

We accept Wire transfer through bank, West Union, Credit card (Only through PayPal, additional 4.5% fee will be charge), and sometimes by L/C for special cases.

How to ship and how long it takes?

Normally machines will be loaded into a container for sea shipment. In case of urgency, Air Cargo is an option (shipping cost will increase significantly). It takes 15-50 days depend on destined ports which for Air Cargo it is about 3-10 Days depend on destined airports.

How is the warranty works?

to go status right after been installed on the customer side. But in rare cases like damages or electric failure caused by transport, bellows are what we are going to do to fix: A. Experience engineer will work with customers to find out the problems and conclude the solution. B. Parts will be sent for replacement within the warranty period at our cost and an engineer will be deployed to the customer site to help with machines fixing in case of the customer cannot fix it by themselves. In the case of our engineer service, there is a fee occurred.