CITE2024 Shenzhen Electronic Expo

Exhibition Time: April 9th, 2024- April 11th, 2024

Exhibition Hall: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian)

Venue: Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian Central District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Organizer: Saiaite Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Organizers: China Electronics Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yawei Exhibition Co., Ltd

Exhibition scale: Exhibition area of 100000 square meters, over 1500 exhibitors, over 3600 booths, nearly 100000 visitors

Exhibition area: 105000 square meters

Exhibition halls used: Exhibition halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9

The China Electronic Information Expo (CITE) is one of the largest and most internationally influential electronic information industry events in China. After eleven years of development, the Electronic Expo has attracted exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, showcasing the latest achievements and technological development trends in China’s electronic information industry. The Electronic Expo, with the concept of “global perspective, international first-class, innovation leading, and service industry”, not only provides an important platform for international exchange and cooperation in China’s electronic information industry, but also an efficient communication platform for collaborative innovation in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, promoting further integration and empowerment between the electronic information industry and various fields of the national economy, and promoting high-quality development of China’s digital economy.

The China Electronic Information Expo showcases the integrity of China’s electronic information industry chain. From chips, hardware devices to software services, from electronic manufacturing to emerging fields such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, from people’s livelihoods to national defense and military industry, the development of China’s electronic information industry has formed a huge and complete industrial chain. In the “Several Measures to Promote Electronic Product Consumption”, it is explicitly mentioned to accelerate technological innovation in electronic products, create new scenarios for electronic product consumption, and carry out green and intelligent electronic product exhibition and sales activities. The Electronic Expo exhibition platform will deeply assist in building a full chain coordinated development and cooperation platform, combine with the strategic positioning of the Greater Bay Area International Science and Technology Innovation Center to gather market forces, further unleash market consumption potential, create a green consumption atmosphere, and fully demonstrate the responsibility and responsibility of a national level exhibition platform.

The 2024 CITE China Electronic Information Expo (CIIE) covers an exhibition area of 100000 square meters and has set up 9 exhibition halls, including the CITE Brand Innovation Theme Hall, New Display and Application Hall, Consumer Electronics Life Ecology Hall, National Defense Military Industry Electronics Hall, Intelligent Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Hall and Energy Storage Technology Equipment Hall, and Basic Electronics Hall. It focuses on industry hot topics such as smart homes, new displays, high-end semiconductors, information and innovation, big data and storage, national defense military industry, artificial intelligence, green consumer electronics, and basic components. It is expected that more than 1500 participating enterprises will participate, and many new products, technologies, services, models, trends, and concepts will be launched in a concentrated manner. This expo will also hold more than 50 themed activities during the same period, with an expected attendance of 100000 people.

Exhibition scope:

Hall 1: CITE Theme Hall: Exhibition areas for smart homes, smart terminals, artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, information security, IC, etc
Digital Audiovisual Exhibition Area: Smart TV, Audio, Digital Home, Digital Products;
Mobile intelligent terminal exhibition area: smartphones, tablets, wearable electronics;
Computer and Network Exhibition Area: Desktops, laptops, computer peripherals, next-generation networks;
Software and Internet exhibition area: software product exhibition area, cloud computing and big data exhibition area, Internet exhibition area;
Hall 2: New Display Hall: LCD Exhibition Area, OLED Exhibition Area, Touch Screen Exhibition Area, and Flat Panel Display Equipment Material Exhibition Area;
Hall 3: Intelligent Manufacturing, 3D Printing Hall: Intelligent Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Industrial Robotics;
Hall 4: Exhibition Area for Intelligent Control and Robot Intelligent Systems;
Hall 5: 5G+VR+esports experience and competition;
Hall 6: Big Data Storage Hall;
Hall 7: 5G+Internet of Things;
Hall 8: Automotive Electronics, Intelligent Driving, and New Energy Vehicles;
Hall 9: Component Hall: Component Exhibition Area, Basic Electronics, Electronic Materials, Electronic Equipment, Instruments and Meters, Electronic Tools, Special Components, etc.

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