Forecast and analysis of market status and development trend of SMT industry

According to the report released by British market research company Technavio, the global SMT mounting equipment market is expected to grow by 627.46 million dollars from 2021-2025, and by 2024, the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.04%. Based on the analysis of each region and its contribution to the global market, Technavio estimates that China, the United States, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom will still be the head markets of SMT mounting equipment. By 2024, consumer electronics, automotive, communications and other market segments will become one of the main driving forces of the market, which is expected to have a significant impact on end users.
SMT mounter, also known as “mounting machine” and “surface mount system”, is the core equipment of the surface mount technology production line. SMT is the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry.
Analysis on the development of SMT mounter industry in China
The placement machine has a wide range of applications and high technology content, and can drive the development of relevant basic industries such as precision machinery manufacturing, high-precision sensing, high-performance motor manufacturing, image processing, software, etc. Since the early 1990s, domestic enterprises and institutions have been trying to localize the placement machine. With the further improvement of production technology, China’s professional mounter equipment manufacturers are rising rapidly. In 2020, China will import 18007 automatic mounters, with a year-on-year growth of 34.15%; The export volume of China’s automatic chip mounters was 17170, down 87.84% year on year.
From the perspective of geographical distribution, the Pearl River Delta region still dominates, accounting for more than 60%, followed by the Yangtze River Delta region, accounting for about 20%, followed by electronic enterprises and research institutions distributed in other provinces in China, with market demand accounting for about 20%. In the past few years, the domestic SMT products are mainly LED SMT machines with low technical requirements. As more and more Chinese enterprises begin to develop various high-speed and high-precision SMT products, the application field of domestic SMT machines is also expanding, and the output continues to grow. In 2020, the output of SMT mounters in China will decline slightly due to the epidemic situation. In 2021, the output of SMT mounters in China will be about 44781; The demand for SMT mounters in China is 49568 sets.
The quality of domestic SMT products is constantly improving, and they have price advantages over imported products. In addition, the export demand continues to grow. It is expected that the output of domestic SMT products will also continue to grow in the future. It is estimated that by 2027, the output of SMT mounters in China will exceed 100000. Downstream enterprises in the special equipment manufacturing industry of SMT electronic industry mainly include color TV screen manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers, computer manufacturers, etc. With the rapid development of downstream industries, the demand for SMT manufacturing equipment, including SMT mounters, will also grow rapidly. It is estimated that by 2027, the demand for SMT mounters in China will reach 114338 sets.
Future technology development trend of SMT equipment industry
The new technological revolution and cost pressure have given birth to the automated, intelligent and flexible production and manufacturing, assembly, logistics, packaging, testing integrated system MES. SMT equipment improves the automation level of the electronic industry through technological progress to achieve fewer people, reduce labor costs, increase personal output, and maintain competitiveness, which is the main theme of SMT manufacturing industry. High performance, ease of use, flexibility and environmental protection are the main development trends of SMT equipment:

  1. High precision and flexibility
    Industry competition intensifies, new product launch cycle shortens day by day, and environmental requirements become more stringent; Conforming to the trend of lower cost and more miniaturization, higher requirements are put forward for electronic manufacturing equipment. Electronic equipment is developing towards high-precision, high-speed and easy to use, more environmentally friendly and more flexible. The function head of the patch head can automatically switch at will; The patch head can realize dispensing, printing and detection feedback, and the stability of the mounting accuracy will be higher, and the compatibility and flexibility between parts and substrate windows will be stronger.
  2. High speed and miniaturization
    It brings high efficiency, low power, less space and low cost. The demand for high speed multi-function placement machines with placement efficiency and multi-function and double optimization is increasing gradually. The productivity of the production mode of multi track and multi bench placement can reach about 100000 CPH.
  3. Convergence Trend of Semiconductor Packaging and SMT
    The volume of electronic products is becoming smaller, the functions are becoming more diversified, and the components are becoming more sophisticated. The integration of semiconductor packaging and surface mount technology has become a general trend. Semiconductor manufacturers have begun to apply high-speed surface mount technology, and surface mount production lines also integrate some applications of semiconductors, and the boundaries of traditional technology areas are increasingly blurred. The integrated development of technology has also brought many products that have been recognized by the market. POP process technology and sandwich process have been widely used in high-end intelligent products. Most brand mounter companies provide flip chip equipment (directly using wafer feeder), which provides a good solution for the integration of surface mounting and semiconductor assembly.
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