Detailed introduction to SMT machein

Detailed introduction to SMT machine

  1. Loading machine
    Loading machine, also known as plate machine, brick stacking machine, stacking machine, plate lifting machine and stacking machine. In block production, a supporting plate is usually used for more than ten seconds. Now, the commonly used method is to manually put the supporting plate into the plate warehouse of the plate feeder, and then the plate feeder intermittently sends the supporting plate to the block machine. As the weight of each supporting plate of large and medium-sized block machine has reached tens of kilograms, the labor intensity of manual loading is very high. The automatic block loading machine is a special equipment to replace manual loading.
  2. Plate suction machine
    The plate suction machine uses the vacuum suction to suck up the PCB and send it to the solder paste printing machine to enter the next work station. The plate suction machine can be set at 100~200pcs at a time, greatly saving the time for personnel to set the plate. It can automatically absorb PCB, place it on the track and transfer it to the printer.
  3. Printing press
    The printing machine is generally composed of plate loading, solder paste adding, embossing, circuit board transmission and other mechanisms. Its working principle is: first fix the circuit board to be printed on the printing positioning table, then print the solder paste or red glue on the laser steel on the PCB completely, and then the left and right scrapers of the printer leak the solder paste or red glue on the corresponding pad through the steel mesh, and input the PCB with uniform leakage to the mounter through the transmission table for automatic mounting.
  4. High speed mounter
    The mounter is also called “Mounter” and “surface mount system”. In the production line, it is configured after the dispensing machine or screen printing machine. It is a device that accurately places the surface mounted components on the PCB pad by moving the mounting head. It is divided into manual and automatic. The high-speed chip mounter uses the program edited by the equipment to mount the components on the designated part position, and can mount the roll parts below sop28pin. Its characteristic is that it has a high mounting speed.
  5. Docking station
    The docking station is a device for transferring PCB boards. It is applicable to the connection between SMT and AI production lines. It can also be used for PCB buffering, inspection, testing or manual insertion of electronic components. It can be used for signal connection with other equipment. It is convenient and accurate to adjust the track width with twin screw Equipped with anti-static worktable, the main structure can be made of iron square or aluminum profile.
  6. Universal mounter
    The universal Mounter uses the program edited by the equipment to mount the components on the designated part position, and can mount the roll, disk or tubular packaging components with SOP more than 28pin (including the components that can be mounted by the high-speed machine). The utility model is characterized by high mounting accuracy and diversification, but the mounting speed is inferior to that of a high-speed machine.
  7. Reflow soldering
    Reflow soldering technology is no stranger in the field of electronic manufacturing. There is a heating circuit inside the equipment, which heats the air or nitrogen to a sufficiently high temperature and blows it to the circuit board where the components have been pasted, so that the solders on both sides of the components melt and bond with the motherboard. The advantage of this process is that the temperature is easy to control, oxidation can be avoided during welding, and the manufacturing cost is easier to control. Its function is to use the temperature of SMT solder paste or red glue to set an appropriate temperature curve so that the solder paste and parts can complete the welding action.
  8. Unloading machine
    The features of the fully automatic unloading machine: microcomputer control, stable and reliable operation; Simple operation interface and convenient man-machine dialogue; Multiple audible and visual alarm functions; Standard material rack can be used, with strong universality; The lifting step distance of the material rack can be set according to the PCB thickness; Built in push plate mechanism, eliminating the need to buy a push plate machine separately; With automatic counting function, it is convenient for production statistics; Equipped with signal communication interface, it can be connected with other machines online. The function of the lower board machine is to receive the board in the magazine through the transmission track.
  9. Optical detector
    The English name of optical inspection instrument (automatic opticinspection), abbreviated as AOI, is an equipment based on optical principle to detect common defects encountered in welding production. Automatic optical inspection is an equipment based on optical principle to inspect common defects encountered in welding production. AOI is a new type of testing technology rising in recent years, but it has developed rapidly. At present, many manufacturers have launched AOI testing equipment. During automatic detection, the machine automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects images, compares the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database, checks the defects on the PCB through image processing, and displays / marks the defects through the display or automatic signs for repair by the maintenance personnel.
  10. Fluoroscopy detector
    The online full-automatic X-ray inspection machine xg5130a sends X-rays through the X-ray generator, penetrates the interior of the battery, performs X-ray detection, receives X-rays from the imaging system, images and photographs, processes the images through relevant software, automatically measures and judges, determines good and bad products, and selects bad products. The front and rear ends of the equipment can be connected with the production line. It is mainly used to detect various industrial components, electronic components and circuits. For example, the inspection of internal circuit connection of socket plug rubber, internal welding of diode, BGA welding, etc. X-ray machine is an X-ray machine that can be connected to a computer for image processing. This kind of industrial inspection portable X-ray machine provides an excellent solution for the maintenance of factory household appliances.
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